Creativity retreat for women
 May 26 - June 1, 2020 

Connect to
the most important person in your life
through yoga, dance, writing & ceremony

You yourself,
as much as anybody in the entire universe,
deserve your love and affection


Welcome to the Spanish mountains, where a magical combination of yoga, dance, ceremony and writing will awaken your lust for life and your creativity.
Dance and write with us and enjoy yoga under the stars. Together we create a safe space where you can shine and be vulnerable. Connect to your essence, your body and your passion. Discover what makes you happy!

We, women, often feel that we have to be perfect: perfect mothers, perfect partners, perfect daughters, perfect friends… We want to eat healthy, we want a slim and strong body, a vibrant social and creative life, a successful career… And then we find ourselves lying on the couch in the evening, exhausted, desperately wondering who we are. Maybe we are not even aware that we lost contact with ourselves.
Do you want to restore the connection with your body, soul and mind in a gentle way? Do you want to feel passionate again? Then this self-love women retreat might be something for you.

During this retreat your body, mind and soul will be nourished and cherished. There is time and space to enjoy sunshine, nature and healthy, delicious food. There is warm and safe attention for that what wants to be seen and healed. There is time to share, to feel, to see and to be seen. There is time to BE.
Through yoga, dance, writing and body exercises you learn how to discover and honor all aspects of yourself, so you can feel more balanced.
Embrace the parts of you that are wild, wise, whimsical, small, vulnerable, angry, moody, reckless…From a place of self-knowledge you can observe yourself with more understanding. You take the mildness and the insights home, to your daily life. That is not only life-changing for you, but also for your loved ones.


Through dance, yoga and writing exercises we explore parts of ourselves and our femininity. Every day we work with a specific theme:


On the first day we connect with ourselves through silence. What wants to be seen, what wants to be felt? We don’t have to change a thing about ourselves, just being is enough. You let your body know that this week it can relax, rest and enjoy the good things in life.

The inner child and the good mother

In each one of us lives a playful child, and often a hurt child too. On this day we pay attention to both. You learn how to feed your playful inner child and how to be a good mother to the vulnerable child inside you. How can you be present while feeling deep pain? By restoring the connection with your inner child, you rediscover what makes you happy.

The wild woman

The wild woman is one with nature. She loves doing nothing, just being. She is connected to the nurturing power of the earth. She is in touch with her instinctive nature. The wild woman knows how to use her sexual energy for herself, as her source of life energy. How do you restore the contact with your sexual energy? How do you tap into the nurturing power of the earth?

The wise woman

Feel supported and inspired by the wise women circle and regain confidence in your own wisdom. Nobody else but you knows what you need.

The creative woman

What do you want to manifest in your life? What are your dreams and how can you make them happen? The creative woman is playful. What makes you happy?
We investigate how to transform all the insights of the last days into concrete steps for your daily life.


♡ Dance
Every morning we dance. Our body moves, guided by inner impulses, emotions, blockages…What does your body need to express? You learn to capture the signs of your body. What is your rhythm? We set off for an inner journey, inspired and invited by music. All is welcome to be felt and to be expressed: joy, sadness, anger, silence… Together we dance our essence.

♡ Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a combination of breathwork, yoga poses and meditation. Body blockages melt away so that your energy can flow freely. In this way we invite more creativity, well-being and gratitude into our lives.

♡ Yoga nidra

Relax, rejuvenate and reach a higher consciousness by yoga nidra. Yoga nidra literally means ‘sleep yoga’. It is a guided meditation that brings you in between being awake and sleeping. The outdoor setting under the stars will make this a magical experience.

♡ Earth-body writing

Earth-body writing is a grounded, practical method to connect to the creative energy and enhance the writing flow, by activating the body and tapping into the nurturing power of the earth. It helps you to connect to your story and to bring it out by tapping into oneness. The method is based on aspects of Taoism, shamanism and Voice Dialogue. It is a combination of movement, dance, taoistic practices (qi gongs, inner smile meditation, healing sounds, sexual transformation techniques), practices of self-love and self-care, meditation, writing exercises, voice dialogue, free writing, shamanic practices (nature, silence, gratitude, ceremonies…).
The goal is to release blockages, so that the creative energy can flow freely.

♡ Ceremonies

Together we create a sacred space to bring more stillness, gratitude and awareness int our daily life.


The sessions will be guided in English and in Dutch.

About Agatha

About Nikita:

‘Enthusiasm is the word that fits me best. I truly believe in following your heart and do whatever it makes it beat faster. Our heart is what brought us to the Spanish mountain where we (me and my soulmate Eric) created Casa Tarsan Eco Lodge. A place where we live in and with nature, where I feel strongly connected to my essence.

At the age of 16 I was involved in a big car accident. I nearly broke all my bones, except for my legs. After lots of treatments the doctors decided my arm should be shortened. It was an intense time where I learned a lot. Namely to be truly happy to be alive. From that moment on I lived for the full 100%.

This drive to fully live and be successful lead to intense back pain, when I was graduating from my master’s degree in business. Spending day and night behind the computer is good for no body, especially not for mine. That is the moment I started practicing yoga and it changed my life. First of all, yoga helped me realizing my back pain. Which I believe was much deeper than just physical pain. Also, the urge to succeed was slowly making place for peacefulness and gratitude.
Because yoga felt like a lifesaver I was hooked! After my graduation I went to India to start my first teacher training. Followed by several in depth yoga courses and a special month of full-time yoga and meditation. All in the magical birthplace of yoga, India. My yoga journey continued back in Amsterdam where I did a Yin Yoga teacher training and got my first level in Reiki.
Years later, after travelling to many countries and doing lots of workshops, I found my peace in Spain. Where yoga and meditation bring me so much joy and happiness in my day to day life. Especially in combination with dancing. Ecstatic dancing has always been my biggest passion and lights up my inner fire. At Casa Tarsan I daily share my Yin Yoga practice with our guests. The practice makes them feel peaceful and relaxed, “totally Zen” and sometimes also hidden emotions come up.
In my yoga practice I combine breathwork, meditation and yoga poses to connect deeper to yourself. Making true contact to your body. Everyone now and then stocks up emotions in the body: sadness, anger, stress. During the yoga poses we breathe through these emotions and release blockages. Which will make you feel “lighter” and more at ease.
During my meditation I often get a deep feeling that I should connect women (back) to their being. The system we live in is based upon masculine energies like money, success and power. The female energies like kindness, love and creativity are being pushed away. How beautiful would it be if these energies get more importance? How amazing would it be as we women are connected to our power? Shining, enjoying, sharing love and creating from our heart. I look forward to guide you on a journey within. To (re)connect with your essence and follow your heart!'


Tuesday, 26th of May you are welcome in Casa Tarsan from 16h onwards. You can take your time to arrive, explore your room, the house and the environment, and meet Nikita, Agatha and the other participants.
The first evening (26th of May) we open the week with a lovely dinner.

The program starts on Wednesday morning 27th of May and ends Sunday night 30th of May. Departure on the 1st of June at 11h in the morning.

You can book some extra nights before or after. Casa Tarsan is the perfect place to enjoy nature and relax!


Welcome in Casa Tarsan, an oasis of silence and beauty in the middle of nature. Let all your worries and stress dissipate, here in the mountains, close to the sea and the river. The surrounding nature is nurturing and breath-taking, and invites you to enjoy, rest and feel your essence.

Casa Tarsan is an artistic, authentic Spanish villa, magically situated on a hilltop. As far as the eye reaches, there are mountains. At a distance, the see beckons.
Casa Tarsan has everything to give you a wonderful, relaxing holiday. You can swim in the beautiful saltwater pool, relax in the jacuzzi, make a long hike in the mountains, swim in the river, rest in the hammocks and enjoy the amazing views, write while you enjoy the mountain and see view. The rooms are unique, spacious and beautifully decorated.


Eric and Nikita about the food in Casa Tarsan:
‘Enjoy our vegan meals. They are not only good for you, but also for nature. We only use ecological and mainly locally produced products. Soul food. Everything is prepared with love! Our chef Eric learned how to cook during his many travels. That is why our dishes have a worldly touch.’

What can you expect:

♡ Grand breakfast buffet
Homemade bread, chickpea omelets, fresh fruits, homemade granola, fresh juices, coffee or tea…
♡ Big lunch
Thaise curries, Indonesian Rendang, vegan burgers...
♡ Small diner
Salads, soup, tapas…
♡ All day long healthy snacks:
Fruit, bliss balls, muesli bars…

Early bird (subscription before March 1st 2020)
Shared room €950
Single room €1150

Normal price (subscription after March 1st 2020)
Shared room €1050
Single room €1250

• all meals
• accommodation (6 nights)
• all group sessions guided by Nikita and Agatha

Does NOT include
• travel expenses
• extra excursions

Places are limited.
Maximum 8 women.

© 2017 by Agatha