• Agatha Cornelia

Let Love flow

Dear You,

Who are You, at the receiving end of this love letter? Today, I reach out to you. I feel the connection with you. I wonder: what can I offer you today? I let the silence fill my being, smile in my heart and breath deep into my belly. Who am I?

I am You. You are me. We are different expressions of the same, infinite Source. What I offer to you, I offer to myself. I feel my heart expanding, my smile is growing and I connect deeper and deeper with my belly.

I am curious about you. I want to know you. I smile at you. I feel gratitude flowing through me because you are in this world, because you read this words, because you do your beautiful things and share your Love and talents with the people around you. Just by consciously connecting with you, tears come to my eyes.

Thank you for existing, dear one. Thank you for allowing yourself to be touched, for seeing the beauty around you, for caring with all your heart for your children, your partner, your colleagues, a stranger that crosses your path. Thank you for your moodiness when you are tired, thank you for growling at your child when he dawdles and for then feeling sad about that, thank you for crossing your own limits and thereby coming closer to yourself again. Thank you for the smile that almost automatically appears on your lips when your eyes meet other eyes. Thank you for that little detail that nobody sees and that you notice. Thank you for all those times that you stumble over life and then get up again. Thank you for loving courageously. Thank you for all those times that you connect to the silence inside and dare to meet yourself there. That is the greatest gift you can give the world.

I love you. Agatha

Photo by Saartje Lommelen


© 2017 by Agatha