The heart of creation

Writing retreat for women
April, 4 - 11, 2020  
  • lots of time and space for you to write, to find your writing voice and to discover your story

  • surrounded by silence and nature in Spain

  • profound individual coaching by writer Agatha Cornelia (Aag Vernelen)

  • earth-body writing

  • yin yoga

  • in an intimate group (max. 8 women)


Welcome, creative woman.


I help you to open the gates of your creativity, so that you discover your writing voice, and start writing that which wants to be expressed through you. Your story, your investigation, your diary, your novel, your blog, your children’s book, your erotic stories... The form doesn’t matter. I will help you to start writing, and you will discover your message to the world.



  • how to activate your body and plug in on the nurturing, creative earth energy

  • yourself, your talents and blockages (and how to unblock them) through deep, tailor made writing assignments

  • how to create a safe, stimulating space for yourself in which your creative energy can flow freely




You stop writing from the mind. You open yourself for the creative flow and for the story or message that wants to be expressed through you.


I can also help you with more technical writing issues if needed.



We start the day with a group session earth-body writing.

Earth-body writing is a grounded, practical method to make the creative energy flow freely by activating the body and connecting the body with the nurturing energy of the earth.

The group session is also the perfect time to connect to each other and each other’s writings.


During the week, you will receive three profound, individual sessions, in which we explore your writing process deeply. I offer you tips, new insights and personal writing exercises, as well as technical writing advice.


Every day before breakfast, you can join a session yin yoga, guided by our host Nikita.

Arrival and departure

Saturday, 4th of April you are welcome in Casa Tarsan from 15h onwards. You can take your time to arrive, explore your room, the house and the environment, and meet Agatha and the other participants.

The first evening (4th of April) we open the week with a lovely dinner.

The program starts on Sunday morning 5th of Apriland ends Friday night 10th of April. Departure on the 11th of April in the morning.

The program 

Before breakfast, you can participate in the yin yoga session.

After breakfast we come together for a session earth-body writing.
During the day you can meet with Agatha for individual coaching. At the beginning of the week we will plan your individual sessions together.


If you don’t have an individual session, you can write in your room or in the garden with a beautiful view.

You can go for a hike, relax in the jacuzzi, take a walk to the river… The surrounding nature is breath-taking and invites you to relax.

The evening session is guided by Agatha and consists of various activities: a wise women circle, a dance session, a sharing and feedback circle...


On request Nikita or Agatha organize a (silent) walk or an excursion to the beach, a beautiful city, a lake…

Agatha loves to show you her favourite places by the river.

The group sessions: earth-body writing

Earth-body writing is a grounded, practical method to connect to the creative energy and enhance the writing flow, by activating the body and tapping into the nurturing power of the earth. It helps you to connect to your story and to bring it out by tapping into oneness. The method is based on aspects of Taoism, shamanism and Voice Dialogue. It is a combination of movement, dance, taoistic practices (qi gongs, inner smile meditation, healing sounds, sexual transformation techniques), practices of self-love and self-care, meditation, writing exercises, voice dialogue, free writing, shamanic practices (nature, silence, gratitude, ceremonies…).

The goal is to release blockages, so that the creative energy can flow freely.


The body is the connector between the inspiration (sky) and the creative, nurturing energy (earth). By activating the body, you stop writing from the mind. You open yourself for the creative flow and for the story or message that wants to be expressed through you.

​The individual session
During the individual session I support your personal, creative process. I can also help you with technical writing issues.

For example, you are working on a story. Than I can offer you tips to make your text more fluid or create more suspense. If you are writing a book, I can advice you about structure, story building, tension build-up…

But writing is not merely a technical process. Sometimes you can experience blockages, caused by doubts, insecurities, old patterns… Or your inspiration seems to be dried up.

In that case we ‘ll explore together what you need to start writing again. I will give you tailor made writing exercises to get you going and flowing.

The four pillars
Writing is a process of becoming more and more conscious. To discover which story you carry, it is necessary to know yourself well. During the individual sessions, apart from technical writing issues, we explore four pillars that are important to awaken the creativity:


1.        Allow yourself to dream again


Discover your hidden dreams and longings, using specific exercises. What do YOU want? What belongs to you? Your dreams and longings are the most powerful tools you have to lead an everyday life that fulfils you. Therefore, it is necessary to know them profoundly. I offer you ways to explore and shape your dreams.


2.        Let’s play!


Many of us don’t remember how to play. Everything we do has to be useful and lead us somewhere. Even so, if we do the work that suits us, it doesn’t feel like working, it feels like playing!

During this retreat you experience the happiness of playing, and the flow of creativity that comes from playing.

3.        Attention for what’s inside of you/ Get rid of what is unnecessary


You learn to look at yourself in all honesty. You discover what is stopping you from writing. We look at the ‘practical’ excuses, for example ‘I have no time’, but also and especially at the inner excuses: fears, taboos, negative beliefs like ‘I have no talent’, ‘nobody will love me if I don’t succeed in becoming a writer’, ‘it is very selfish to write’… You learn to expose these beliefs one by one and to bring them into the light, so they disappear. To do this, I can offer you a specific method you can use at any moment.


4.        Regain control over your life


You learn how to be a good parent to your inner writing child. You learn to feel at any moment what your inner writer needs, and you discover how to give this to him. You receive tips and tools to organize your life in a way that writing becomes an integrated part of your daily life.


Very often audacity, not talent, makes one person an artist and another a shadow artist–hiding in the shadows, afraid to step out and expose the dream to the light, fearful that it will disintegrate to the touch.


Julia Cameron


I guide you through the creative process, step by step, offering you ways to get to know yourself and to feel what you and your inner writer need at any time.

What do you need to get/keep going?


Welcome in Casa Tarsan, an oasis of silence in the middle of nature. Let all your worries and stress dissipate, here in the mountains, close to the sea and the river. The surrounding nature is nurturing and breath-taking, and invites you to enjoy, rest and feel your essence.



Super early bird (subscription before November, 1st 2019)

Shared room €1050 

Private room €1250 


Early bird (subscription before January, 1st 2020)

Shared room €1100 

Private room €1300 


Normal price (subscription after January, 1st 2020)

Shared room €1200 

Private room €1400 


  • VAT

  • all meals

  • accommodation (7 nights)

  • daily session earth-body writing

  • 3 individual sessions

  • daily yin yoga

Does NOT include

  • travel expenses

  • extra excursions

Places are limited.

Maximum 8 women.

© 2017 by Agatha