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About Agatha

In my native country Belgium they call me 'Aag', but I prefer my Spanish name 'Agatha'.

Ever since I was a child, I have been stubborn, caring, creative and highly sensitive.

I couldn't get used to living in Belgium because of the noise and the crowdedness.

In 2015 I decided to go and live in Spain, in search for silence, space and sunshine.

Away from the rat race, closer to myself.

I believe in the creative power of writing.

Writing can change your life in many ways.

You create your own reality and you discover yourself.

Under my Belgian name 'Aag Vernelen', I have written more than 40 children's books.

As a coach, I combine a strong technical knowledge of writing, a sharp intuition

and a deep interest in all that is human.

Participants highly appreciate the warm, accepting attention I offer every one of them.

In this way I create an inviting space in which talents and inner beauty can fully blossom.

What can I do for you?

  • I  teach you how to write a strong story, universal and yet completely yours

  • I help you to neutralize your fears and blockages and to discover your strengths

  • I offer you the exact exercices you need to go deeper and to flourish, as a person and as a writer.

Writing retreats in Casa Kunaya (Spain)



These writing retreats are life-changing.

You discover your talents, your wisdom, your vulnerability and your power.

You go home with an unstoppable lust for living and writing!



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Apartado de correos 53

46720 Villalonga



Wat zeggen de deelnemers?

Ik voel mij nu meer in contact met mijn innerlijke schrijver.

Een aantal blokkades die er waren, zijn ‘opgelost’, heel bevrijdend.

De mist die nog over mijn schrijfdroom hing, is opgetrokken. 

Ik schrijf nu elke dag!

Ik ben Aag vooral dankbaar voor de manier waarop zij de schrijfopdrachten afstemde op iedereen individueel.

Dit was een absolute meerwaarde, omdat er zo heel veel diepgang mogelijk werd. Daarenboven was de combinatie met de praktische coaching voor mij de ideale mix. Ik heb dingen geschreven waarvan ik niet wist dat ze in mij zaten.

Bedankt, Aag!



—  Petra Thomas

© 2017 by Agatha