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Welcome to your space of creative possibilities. 

Learn how to unlock the gates of your creativity.

Start writing and discover your writing voice.

Open yourself for whatever wants to be expressed through you.




  • how to activate your body and tap in to the nurturing, creative energy of the earth

  • yourself, your talents and blockages (and how to unblock them) through deep, tailor made writing assignments

  • how to create a safe, stimulating space for yourself where your creative energy can flow freely



Since I participated in Agatha’s writing retreat, I write every day.

Petra Thomas

Do you want to discover...

  • how to make your creativity flow like never before?

  • how your body can support your writing process?

  • how to create a sacred, stimulating and safe space for yourself to create and write freely?

  • how writing can help you to get to know yourself more intimately?

  • how writing can help you to overcome blockages and limiting beliefs?

  • how writing can heal your creativity in all aspects of your life?


Welcome to one of my workshops or retreats.


About Agatha

‘Your essence in one word is honesty,’ a friend of mine once said. Living in an honest way from a place of deep self-knowledge, that is real freedom to me. It takes courage, but it is so rewarding. My honesty, towards myself and others, is gentle and opening, and at the same time confronting and transforming. It is my biggest power, in life and in my way of working.


Your way of coaching is very direct, to the core. It goes deep. It moved me in many levels of my life, it is not ‘only’ about writing. Because you capture the essence with very little words.

Valérie Smit



As a coach I combine technical writing knowledge with a strong intuition and a deep love and curiosity for humanness. Participants especially appreciate the warm, accepting attention I offer to each one of them. This way I create a safe and inviting space in which talents and inner beauty can be fully expressed, and I encourage people to create this safe and accepting space within themselves.


Recently I discovered the powerful effect of dance, movement and Taoist practices on the creative process. This discovery led me to the development of my own method: earth-body writing. Earth-body writing is a grounded, practical method to make the creative energy flow freely by activating the body, connecting to the nurturing energy of the earth and writing from there.


I believe in the creating power of writing. Writing can change your life on many levels. You create your own reality and you discover yourself. Or better, you uncover yourself.  As soon as I learned how to write, I wrote every day. I had a diary and invented stories full of fantasy. Now, I am so happy to be a professional writer. I wrote more than 40 children’s books (all written in Dutch, under my Belgian name Aag Vernelen)


Currently I am working on my first book for adults, based on my relationship experiences with a narcissistic man and how this was the start for me to heal old inner wounds and to journey into deep self-love. 


Already as a child, I was creative, caring and very sensitive. Living in Belgium was hard for me, because of the noise and the fast rhythm of life. In 2015 I decided to go and live in Spain, in search for silence, space and sunshine. Away from the rat race, closer to myself. I fell deeply in love with Spain, and with the Spanish language.

I offer workshops and retreats in Spain, Belgium and other beautiful places in Europe.



Master in Bio-engineering, bachelor in Psychology, Integral and Multidimensional Psychology (4-year therapy training), Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Valley-coach, Tao training, Holistic Dance Language Training by Zola Dubnikova.


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voor leuke schrijftips en uitgebreide info over schrijven, schrijfcursussen en nog veel meer!

Writing retreats in Spain


Wat zeggen de deelnemers?

Ik voel mij nu meer in contact met mijn innerlijke schrijver.

Een aantal blokkades die er waren, zijn ‘opgelost’, heel bevrijdend.

De mist die nog over mijn schrijfdroom hing, is opgetrokken. 

Ik schrijf nu elke dag!

Ik ben Aag vooral dankbaar voor de manier waarop zij de schrijfopdrachten afstemde op iedereen individueel.

Dit was een absolute meerwaarde, omdat er zo heel veel diepgang mogelijk werd. Daarenboven was de combinatie met de praktische coaching voor mij de ideale mix. Ik heb dingen geschreven waarvan ik niet wist dat ze in mij zaten.

Bedankt, Aag!


—  Petra Thomas


I feel now more connected to my inner writer. Some blockages are solved, I feel very liberated. The mist that was hanging over my writing dream dissolved. I write now every day! I am especially grateful to Agatha for the way she customized the assignments for every individual. This was of great value, because it made a lot of depth possible. The combination with the practical coaching was the perfect mix for me. I have written things I didn’t know I had in me! Thanks, Agatha!


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